Josephine West Scholarship

The Josephine West Memorial Service Scholarship provides an award of $1,000 to an outstanding undergraduate student at the University of Florida.

It was established by the Office of Student Affairs in 1985 after her untimely passing, in memory of her fine contributions to the University.

Josephine West served on the staff of the University of Florida for thirty-seven years. Mrs. West was a person who loved to serve others in any way she could to further their educational progress and to accomplish their career goals. This $1,000 scholarship provides support to a student who reflects the values for which Josephine West stood: academic excellence, service to others and a love of learning.

One name of a faculty or staff reference, along with your resume, and a personal essay describing how your work reflects the values of Josephine West must accompany this application. Essays should be no more than 500 words or two pages double spaced (Times New Roman and size 12 font). Your application will be considered on the basis of your service to UF and to fellow students and academic excellence.

To be considered, applicants must comply with all the following requirements:
· Undergraduate, Enrolled full time (in the fall)
· Minimum 3.0 GPA
· Significant service to UF and to fellow students.