Career Services

Connecting To What Comes Next

Navigating the impacts of today’s realities on your career might seem even more daunting than usual. We understand the importance of feeling prepared, and we are committed to your success here and beyond. Below are resources to support you in your continued career development process.

Express Drop-In

Express Drop-Ins are virtual drop-in sessions for resume, cover letter, personal statement, and/or LinkedIn profiles reviews. You can also have a mock interview or have your quick career planning questions answered. These weekday personalized sessions last 15-20 minutes, and no appointment is needed.

Career Planning

Career Planning Appointments are 30-minute individual sessions with a career coach. In a Career Planning Appointment, you can talk to your career coach about anything related to your career. Career Planning appointments are suggested for more in-depth, personalized questions and strategies about your career goals.

Workshops & Programs

The Career Connections Center offers a wide variety of workshops and programs to help guide UF students in their professional development. From major exploration to preparing for job searches or interviews, there is always an event happening that will help get you where you need to be!

Eight Semester

Planning for life after graduation can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing, but it is also exciting to think about the possibilities. The Career Connections Center Eight Semester Career Readiness Guide provides important action items to empower your career development. Use the eight-semester plan to guide the choices you make academically and professionally.

Additional Information

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