Support for Students Withheld from Campus

Your well-being and success is our priority. The University of Florida has a team here to support you as you are withheld from campus.

We have many virtual services available to help you navigate this time. Additionally, please take note of the contact information at the end of this website should you have any future questions or concerns.

Key Areas of Support:

Instructor Notifications

Should you experience circumstances that impact your ability to attend class virtually or complete assignments, please submit an Instructor Notification Request. Instructor Notifications are not an official excuse to miss class, but they do provide communications to faculty on a student’s behalf to request that the instructor work with the student to complete missed coursework/exams when appropriate.

Virtual Resources:

Academic Accommodations

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) helps to address barriers to learning for UF students by approving academic accommodations and partnering with instructors to facilitate access in their courses. A student with an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19, as determined by the CDC, OR a student with persistent medical complications due to a positive COVID-19 status, can register with the DRC to request a temporary course modification and/or academic accommodation. The student will need to provide medical documentation that identifies their diagnosis and their medical provider’s concerns related to possible/confirmed COVID-19 exposure. Students should be mindful that remote course access is not always a feasible modification for every course. The DRC will work in partnership with the student’s instructor to determine a reasonable modification that meets the course requirements and considers the health status of the student. Students can begin the process to register with the DRC by completing the form located on the DRC website. For questions, please contact the DRC at 352-392-8565 or

Alcohol and Other Drugs Self-Check or Consultation

If you have noticed or may be wondering about your current alcohol or cannabis use, GatorWell offers multiple alcohol and cannabis screeners to self-assess your behaviors. Need help navigating alcohol or cannabis behavior change? Meet with our highly trained health promotion specialist to set goals and build skills to mitigate substance use. For more information, visit:

Counseling Groups

Peer-to peer interaction is an important aspect of the college experience. While we may be physically separated, we can maintain strong connections through online groups. A listing of available online groups can be found here.

Exercise and the Brain (Spark Activities)

Remote learning may lead to a decrease in your activity. Participate in these activities to get your body and brain ready to learn.

Financial Aid Assistance

If you have questions or concerns about your financial aid assistance, please call 352-392-1275 or visit OneStop.

Group Wellness Coaching

Looking to meet other peers and be held accountable to new behaviors while developing friendships? Group Wellness Coaching may be the right service for you! Meet with highly trained coaches across 6 sessions as you team up and develop skills to support your academic success. For more information, visit:

Koru Mindfulness Workshops

Are you looking for ways to reduce anxiety and manage stress? Learn a variety of skills that will help focus your mind by registering for our virtual Koru Mindfulness course. Structured across 4 weeks, the course allows you to develop and practice mindfulness skills. To see our latest course offerings, visit:

Mindfulness Consultations

Learn to live in the moment! These brief, 30-minute consultations help students work on understanding and improving your mindfulness, learn stress reduction techniques, and practicing less self-judgment. For information on mindfulness visit:

Peer Tutoring

Champion your academic success and build relationships with peers through peer tutoring options for University of Florida students. Learn more at

Remote Learning Tips

There are several simple and effective steps you can take to improve your learning in a remote environment. Review student recommendations and related resources for support. Learn more at

Sleep Consultations

Learn how to get better sleep! Sign up for a 30-minute, educational sleep consultation with a health promotion specialist to learn specific strategies and tools to improve your sleep. Request a Sleep Consultation here.

UMatter We Care

We want all students at the University of Florida to know that they have the power to take action for themselves and/or others. At UF, Care is not just an idea that we talk about, but we demonstrate every day. The UMatter We Care initiative connects students to support systems at the University of Florida. If you are in need of support or are concerned about a fellow Gator, review to direct them to support services for their area of concern or submit a care concern.

Wellness Coaching for Academic Success

GatorWell’s certified wellness coaches are professional health educators who will help you set priorities and identify specific changes you want to make to improve your academic performance. Wellness Coaching is not counseling, but your coach will help you create an individualized action plan. During your sessions, your coach will help you identify one or more priority areas that you would like to change. Request an appointment at

Workshops and Presentations

Each semester, a range of workshops and presentations are hosted through the Counseling and Wellness Center to connect students to tools to address issues related to anxiety, test-related stress or adjusting to your new surroundings. Review the list of current workshops available online. Students can always access (and register) for workshops and presentations by visiting

Virtual Student Union

Looking for ways to stay connected to the Gator Experience? Visit this site for updates about accessible programs and resources.

Key Contacts for Support:

COVID-19 On-Call Support

Contact Information

UF Health Screen,
Test & Protect

8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Student Health
Care Center

Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Care Team
U Matter, We Care