January 11, 2021

Dear Students,

I hope you had a wonderful and restful winter break! 2021 is here, and already there is a lot of anticipation for what the spring semester will bring.

Whether you are coming back to Gainesville, preparing to embark on your first semester, or joining us remotely, we are all excited to welcome you and start the semester!

This semester will have some similarities to the fall as we remain dedicated to working hard to keep you safe as you navigate your academics and campus life. To help us in our aims, mask, physical distancing and behavioral policies related to COVID-19 safety protocols will remain in place to promote the health of our university and greater Gainesville community.

Additionally, UF will approach COVID-19 testing this semester through a multi-layered lens and strategy that includes Routine Testing. If you are in a routine testing group, please pay close attention to your emails and schedule your tests.

As a reminder, if you are an undergraduate student with a face-to-face class or a student living in a residence hall, you must complete a test to be ‘cleared for campus’ to attend class and to remain in the residence hall. New testing appointments are being added every day to ONE.UF. If you have specific questions, please email Student-screening@ufl.edu. Please note it takes a few hours from when you test until your status is changed.

I want to thank all our students who came back to Gainesville last week and completed their COVID test before the semester began. You all are amazing, and I hope you enjoyed the many our pop-up events hosted by the Division of Student Affairs. We are adding more activities and events to the calendar to create opportunities for you to recharge and make connections throughout the semester, while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines. Make sure to follow me @Dr.DMull, and @UFStudentLife for notification of more flash events, as well as visit our events calendar at the virtual student union.

To support you in navigating your face-to-face or online classes this spring, we have created a short guidelines document to provide answers to frequently asked questions. We have also added a course concerns reporting feature to the GatorSafe app. If there are any inconsistencies with course delivery for your face-to-face or online courses, such as not being provided the opportunity to meet in person for your face-to-face class, you can use the GatorSafe app to report concerns. From the app home screen, simply select “UF COVID-19” and then “Report Face-to-face/ Online Course Concern.” UF staff will review every concern and follow up as appropriate.

Gators, this new year is filled with many fresh possibilities, opportunities, and paths. I encourage you to utilize the abundance of resources available to you as you navigate and shape your student experience. And please know that you have an entire team of staff here to support you and help you find ways to engage, transform and thrive.

So grab your new masks, and let’s go!

Be safe, be well, and as always – Go Gators!
Dr. D’Andra Mull
Vice President for Student Affairs

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