April 17, 2020

Dear Students and Families,

Next week marks the end of Spring semester classes. Amid wrapping up assignments and studying for finals, I hope you can pause and reflect on all you’ve accomplished over the last several months.

Undoubtedly, Spring 2020 wasn’t what any of us imagined it would be. As many of you know, I am completing my first semester as a Gator. Today, I reflect on the reality that this challenging and unexpected semester has also afforded me an amazing opportunity to see our student body at its best in managing change and shifting in so many ways over the course of a few short weeks.

I’ve seen you, our students, quickly transition to perform academically in a new environment, often helping to educate your own families along the way on what the curriculum and context of today entails. I’ve seen your ingenuity in finding ways to continue to fundraise and advocate for organizations that rely on their commitment and support. I’ve seen so many of you give of your time, talent and financial means to address health care and food needs in the greater communities. And I’ve seen you put the needs of others in front of their own plans by staying home and practicing social distancing.

Without question, I’ve seen you change and embrace new opportunities and frameworks by which to support and champion others, even amid learning, growing and navigating your own new world. All of these examples, and so many others, are tremendous accomplishments and again, while this hasn’t been the semester we envisioned – I can truly say that I can’t be prouder of what I’ve learned about who you, and we, are. I hope you are proud of you, too.

I’m sending you my best as you round the final lap of Spring 2020!

Be safe, be well, and as always – Go Gators!

Dr. D’Andra Mull
Vice President for Student Affairs


Parking Decal Refunds
All students who purchased an annual or semester parking decal valid for the month of April will receive a refund of $16.00. Students who purchased a decal for the Spring and Summer Semesters will receive a refund of $96.00, which includes the $16.00 for the month of April, plus $80 for the Summer Semester. Refunds will be made directly to your student account, by physical check, or by electronic funds transfer depending on your original method of payment.

Counseling and Wellness Center Offers Tele-Mental Health Services
To support you where you are, the UF Counseling & Wellness Center (CWC) is now offering tele-mental health counseling services for students. If you need extra, short-term support during this time, please call the CWC at (352) 392-1575 to schedule a brief consultation appointment to discuss eligibility to receive tele-mental health counseling. Students are eligible for up to 4 sessions. Additionally, they are offering online webinars to provide mental health information to UF students on various topics including managing anxiety.

Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry
The campus food pantry is still open but changing the way we serve students to promote safety and social distancing. Students can now place an order online to specify what items you will need for any given week. You will then specify the day and time of pick-up from the Pantry. If ordering online isn’t your style, students can stop by the pantry during hours of operation to pick up a pre-made bag. Each bag contains similar items and an array of items for a balanced diet. For more information, please visit the Pantry website.

Student Legal Services
Staffed by four experienced attorneys, Student Legal Services (SLS) provides a wide range of legal services to UF students and student organizations. Funded by Student Government, the staff are here to help you with lease reviews, landlord issues, property damage, and more.
Visit https://studentlegalservices.ufl.edu/ to connect with the team.

Summer Session
Updates for the Summer terms.*
*Pending approval from the UF Board of Trustees

Virtual Student Union
Keeping you connected to the Gator Student Experience is important. The Virtual Student Union was designed as resource for students and will be updated on a regular basis.
This new digital hub is here to make life a bit easier by collecting all your need-to-know programs, services, and even student events in one place!

Amid quarantine, you can engage with campus by:
• Participating in a virtual fitness class with RecSports
• Attending the virtual wellness coaching program with GatorWell
• Getting your resume edited virtually with the Career Connections Center
• Finding community through student organizations, leadership development and student events.

UF experts give tips on how to safely handle groceries and restaurant takeout
It’s a question many of us are asking. What is the safest way to handle groceries and restaurant takeout to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19? To help separate fact from fiction, professors Keith Schneider, Andrea Nikolai and Amy Simonne give tips on food safety.

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