Moving Conversations Forward

The University of Florida community prides itself on broadening horizons, creating a universally inclusive community, and providing opportunities for developing a global perspective. We take on new challenges today and look to ourselves about how we can impact the future. Below are opportunities for students to continue in their quest to create an inclusive community of learners and scholars.

Real Talk Workshops

REAL TALK is UF’s comprehensive diversity education program for students. REAL stands for “Respect, Equity and Allyship for Leaders” and gradually introduces participants to key concepts of diversity education and identity exploration. REAL Talk is facilitated by Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Peer Educators and staff from Multicultural and Diversity Affairs. All D&I facilitators have gone through intensive training to prepare for REAL Talk, as well as how to best educate attendees of each workshop.

Connecting with Community

Multicultural and Diversity Affairs (MCDA) provides a wide range of services, educational opportunities, learning, support, outreach, activities and engagement for students. MCDA provides a variety of community spaces for students to come together to celebrate and empower diverse communities and advocate for an inclusive campus for all students across identities.

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) celebrates disability identity as a valued aspect of diversity. The DRC champions a universally accessible community that supports the holistic advancement of students with disabilities. There are many ways to get connected to services as well as participate in on-going education around the topics of disability.

Additional Information

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