IDEA Competencies

  • Explore and Apply Foundational I.D.E.A. Concepts, Terms, and Definitions

    • – How would you explain the relationship between inclusion, diversity, equity, and access?
    • – What does it mean to exercise intellectual humility (life-long learning, empathy) as a foundational aspect of I.D.E.A work?
    • – How can you demonstrate an understanding of someone else’s emotional point of view?

  • Critique Inequality Within Systems

    What are the causes and consequences of inequalities?

  • Defend Collective Responsibility To I.D.E.A.

    What are the impacts of pro-IDEA and anti-IDEA action/inaction on a community?

  • Promote A Culture Which Supports The Free and Open Expression of Ideas By Respectfully Supporting All Students and Coworkers - Inclusive of Varying Viewpoints or Opinions

    What have you participated in that focused on a viewpoint different from their own?

  • Address Controversy Through Bystander Intervention and Constructive Dialogue

    What strategies have you applied to resolve a controversy?

  • Advocate For A More Just Community

    How have you successfully challenged social problems?